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The New Start –
April 18, 2006, 4:54 pm
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It might be a little strange that I suddenly have the mood and heart to post blog anymore. I don't know what got into me. Perhaps, my new hsemate got into this mood. I guess he influenced on my thought in that specific topic quite a lot, probably 90%. Lol.

Anyway, this post is the first in 2006. I probably will still posting while in a while. But the real content post with my upcoming new design and layout for this blog will be quite into the future. Perhaps when I finish my semester, then I have time. But still, I trying to finish it as soon as possible. I think i said that a lot of time, but never finish it in time.
Anyway, I closing down my blogger site and transfering it to Another proproganda from someone ;D

Okay, that's all.


Hello world!
April 18, 2006, 3:46 pm
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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Bad Day
October 29, 2005, 1:30 pm
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sigh, i dunno what should i write here. But I feel like writing. I got a whole lot of raw mind materials that swimming around mind constantly. Hai…

this morning, i woke up around 11.30am. I thought it was be going to be good day as i going to see her 2nite. Though we are hanging out in a group. But at least there a chance to see her. Just a whole her.

Hai, but it all turn black after I received her email bout that ‘she want to be online for sometimes and dun feel like seeing for the moment’. Her reason is she said after she ‘tan pai’ with me, she got jealous more easily as she knew me and my hsemate doing things that we knew wat we are doing. Thinking about it, really make me damn regret and i really stupid going to do all this stuff. Although I got think of her before I did all those stuff. It is really stupid. I mean I know that somehow this would happen (that she can’t accept me anymore due these stupid acts I did).

And now, it all happened.

Last night, I got email her about this Residence & Resort in Penang, how beautiful it is and when I want to stay over severals nites at their best room during my honeymoon. My future planning honeymoon. Honestly, i got her picture during my day-dreaming when getting my hell to sleep. So expectation but they all just stupid. I know they are all stupid day-dreaming. But that’s just my mind.

I dunno what is going to happen next. For now, it is quite hurtful liaw.

a terrible week…
October 8, 2005, 2:15 pm
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sad, sad, sad and sad…

hamster ‘tan tan’ just passed away due to unforseen circumstances. Hai…

kinda broke heart a little bit. I mean i usually play with that guy and seeing it passing away is just unbearable.

Hai…. I guess that’s all.

d Worst Day in my LIFE
October 7, 2005, 9:53 am
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Is love life that sucks and complicated?

Gosh, i think it is. At least, that’s what I feel now since yesterday afternoon. When I read that email, the world just crumble down like the 911 Tower. The different is no one got hurt. Physically only. But only me got hurt. Plus one in the next few days.

I really wish I got the ‘rewind’ magic that Be*Witched movie got. I mean it is really sucks to know after you ‘gao bai’ with someone that she likes me. No, make it to be exact she TOT she like me. I mean come’on. Ah, it is just make me miserable, that’s all. I still don’t know whether I should continue this really ‘damn’ short relationship. I mean just started last few days and the news about she likes me came out from her email to me. Honestly, I do likes her too but I never she likes me until that email. Hai, in any way I tried to solve it, someone will get hurt and it is burning my head yesterday.

Ah… Life is sucks. I mean at this point. I think I going to broke off. I know someone will get hurt. Hai, but at least, I don’t want feel guilty about cheating her into this. I think I still has feeling for the other. THat doesn’t mean I want to be with her soon. I want to be with her if she okay and maybe in the long future time. Hai…. Hai…

Okay, I guess that’s what I going to fill this in. Once in a long time.

Hope everything go well. Wish me luck.

Tragic Week
April 3, 2005, 10:15 pm
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Hey everyone, it had been quite sometimes since I updated my blog as usual… hai… I am like that… Okay, what I going fill the content will be maybe surprise or what… and it gonna contain some hard feeling thingy about my housemate and me, live in the same roof…

this week had been the kinda a situation where i gonna lost a frz. Maybe i think too much which i think i am at 1st. But after giving it a lot of thought, maybe i am the one who been to harsh on stuff. Okay, here it go. As usual after the electric bills and water bills arrived at the house and payment is set to go. Suddenly, my housemate (@#@) told me that @#@ will not pay full amount as in the usual rate percentage as because @#@ is less at home as she going back to hometown during no skool day. Well, i was speechless and walked myself out from her room. Then i went to my room and processed all those words she said. I might said I was v. v. angry at what she said. Coz by our terms, we are to pay our monthly bills by half. Yeah, i noe it is the term. So that’s what really got into me and me kinda outrage about it. After that, my another housemate (which i told her about the thingy) talked to her privately. Then later, I went down to ask her (without @#@ there) about the progress. Well, @#@ gave a lot of excuse (i concluded). She said that her family is in financial problem and are trying to save every penny or dollar they could. In addition, her mum might stop her from skooling in Curtin if it is v. v. necessary. Wow, that’s really a good excuse, huh. However on the another side of story, it didn’t match what she had told me several days ago. She told me that her mum going to come down this weekend to give her allowance, 500 bucks after deduction of rent and bills. A lot, huh. It just didn’t match the excuse and its criteria.

Anyway after i learnt bout my another housemate’s progress with @#@, I decided to talk to her with my another housemate in the room. That’s mean three of us. During the negotiation, everything seems cool. I didn’t raise my voice or anything and hope i did not use any harsh word. But after she left the room, there was a bang here and there. I guess you know what it meant. Hai. During the negotiation, several things she said really caught my ear and mind. It was about the last month Actual bills (which was almost 400bucks). I was around that time. At first, only 2 of us are counted in the bills payment. But then, @#@s want to be in the share. That’s fine. But during that negotiation nite, @#@ told me that @#@s was actually helping me to pay some of the amount so I can have less burden and since I didn stay at the house for several month. Gosh, that really hurt me. I mean I thought @#@s was paying for @#@s share. No more than that, as @#@s was living here too. But for that, @#@ used that as a weapon. I know it sound unpleasant. It is the only word that can describe what in my heart and my brain. Can’t believe she used that as a retaliation. After that nite, I gave a lot of thought in skool. It is about whether to agree on her terms. That is her monthly bills rate is 1.5 from 2. It depends lah, sometimes, if she spend less here, i will lower it to 1.

One thing more, maybe the reason that she banged her and there that nite was because I told her that I wanted to talk to her mum coz it is her mum that force her to tell me this (at least that’s what I thought)

I guess that’s all for today… bye

First for Semester 1 2005
March 20, 2005, 2:50 am
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Hm… I just came back from Cineplex, after catched the last show of the day, Hitch. Gosh… I am so damn tired… I will head to bed after I post my blog. Hehehe, I didn update it for 2 months time. Sorry about that. I kinda lazy. That’s the best reason, I guess.

Okay, today is the 2nd day I came back to Brunei after 3 weeks of not returning for the 1st semester. Hai… It is kinda tired though, but I really do like to know how things been going on at home as the house now only occupies by my mum, my little bro and my youngest sis. Thinking about it, kinda make my stomach sick somehow. Gosh, I really do hope that my mum will employ a maid loh. I don’t like to see her doing all those house job, u noe… she working outside too although not full time. Just that, I don’t want her to put herself in doing too many stuff. Like when she got back home, she need to wash cloths, prepare meals. I think it is really a hardship. Although I’m a guy, I still feel there is a big and heavy metals pressed onto my chest whenever I saw my mum. It only happens this time. I think it all happens because my elder sis is studying Curtin with me. Before that, she is like an asistant to my mum. Cleaning the house, cooking the meal for everyone, help out… stuff like that. Although she not perfect in all the stuff, still there is someone helping out a hand, lessen the burden on my mum. Hai… thinking of it kinda make me cry too. If you question what’s with my younger sis, well… she kinda like u noe… she did help out and i think she does too. Just that, she is not that reliable. I’m sorry if she ever read this blog. It might be hurtful for some reason. Gosh… this is a blog, i will be very thorough and v. emotional sometimes. And i think this is my primary things that be wondered in my head when I at home loh. It is also diminish my plan to go KL to continue my study there. Hai…

I think I going to discuss with my housemate with LF about it when I got back to Miri. I’m really in need of someone to talk to. Well, I plan to talk about it with my close frz, E Lee today. No chance as she is really tired coz she drink too much. Her frz’s engagement ceremony. Hm… I think i have a lot of more to talk about E Lee loh. In the meantime, I will not talk about it, not here and not now.

I guess that’s all for today. (^_^)